Love Your Photo Equipment: Maintenance Tips

In order to prolong the life of your equipment and preserve your investment for a long time, it is necessary to learn a few things about maintenance of the photo equipment. With the inadequate maintenance you are risking to ruin a perfectly good camera, so it is necessary to use the items that are adequate for taking care of it.

The most common problem faced by photographers is the presence of the dust on the camera sensor. This can have a negative impact on the image, because these diffuse, dark spots can be seen on the brighter parts of the image. It is not possible to completely avoid dust entering the camera, but there are a lot of little tips that will dramatically reduce the risk. Therefore I will give you a few tips on how to keep your equipment properly.



Turn off the camera before changing the lens. This will reduce static discharge of the lens and reduce the risk of attracting dust.

Make sure the outside of the rear lens is clean and dust free before you attach it to the camera. Use a blower and dry microfiber cloth to remove the dust and other particles that may cause damage to the glass. When removing the lens, place the cover on the camera or attach the lens back immediately. If possible, change the lens in an environment that is dry and not too dusty or sandy.

Keep the rear lens cap and the cover of the camera clean and dust free at all times.


Cleaning the casing of the camera is very important to maintain equipment in good condition, but it is a very delicate procedure.

One of the biggest problems is the condensation. It can occur if you are in a very humid place or if you come from a cold to a warm place.



This condensation can lead to oxidation of some metal parts inside the camera, which can cause malfunctions. To reduce this risk, it is the best to put a bag of silica gel in the case in which you are carrying the camera. Silica gel will absorb a certain amount of moisture and keep your camera condensation free.

Having in mind that I’m from Australia I spend a lot of time on the beach. After photographing at the beach, the biggest problem is the sand drawn into the camera cavities. That can be a big problem if not removed immediately. The simplest solution to remove sand particles is brushing them off by using a soft brush. Do not press strongly as it might scratch the casing or LCD screen. A piece of cotton wool can also be used if dust or sand can’t be removed with a brush.

To remove grease, fingertips or even mud, use simple microfiber cloth and water. Do not use any chemical products such as solvents, gasoline, alcohol, cleaning wipes, etc.

Memory, batteries and accessories

Memory cards are very important because every picture you take is stored on them, thus it is important to maintain them properly. Whether you have 32gb micro sd card or any other storage device you need to remove the dust off of them, and it is the best to use dry cloth for that purpose.

If you know that you are not going to use a camera for a while, remove the batteries and memory card, and store a camera in a cool, dry, well-ventilated place.

Keep your camera case clean. You will be surprised how much dirt and dust can accumulate in it if you don’t use it for some time.

Your photo equipment requires a lot of attention if you want to maintain it in a good condition and use it for a long time. So keep it clean and make those beautiful photos for years to come.

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